Partner with us

Career preparation is everyone’s job. Faculty can’t do it alone, and neither can the folks in the Career Center. Effective alumni service is the same way. In both regards, we need to work together in order to accomplish our shared aims.


The single most effective and helpful thing faculty can do to support in the shared effort of career preparation, after teaching their course content, is directing students to use Handshake (LINK TO What is Handshake PAGE). As our single source for all things career-related, an invitation to use Handshake gets students to the location where they can both discover jobs, events, and articles and be discovered by employers.


Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Offer (extra) credit to students for completing their Handshake profile (uploading a photo, uploading a resume, writing a personal bio, listing job experiences and courses)

  • Give an assignment requiring students to log in to Handshake to research employers in an industry related to your field of study

  • Require students to log in to Handshake to review certain job descriptions in order to report what hiring recruiters are looking for


Other programs and features offered by our department have also been leveraged by faculty. Here are some examples which you may choose to copy:

  • Helena Hannonen (BUSM 310), Melissa Glenn (MUSC 401), Josh Smith (CIS 200), Emily Plicka (ENG 101) and many others have invited us into their classrooms to introduce and administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to help their students be more self-aware and more effective leaders, musicians, team players, computer programmers, and writers

  • Vic Kaufusi (SOCW 160) regularly invites us into his classroom to introduce MentorConnect, our online software for connecting students with mentors

  • Scott Springer (BUSM 320) utilizes our video-interviewing software, StandOut, to help his students practice conveying their skills to an interviewer in a safe environment

  • Julie Feron (HTM 200) invites us to speak to her students about life and career planning

  • Michelle Blimes (STDEV 101R), PJ Rogers (BUSM 325), and many others regularly invite us into their classrooms to provide a general overview of all our department’s offerings


Outside of the classroom, many faculty have helped accompany us on CareerConnect trips, introduced us to industry contacts, referred job listings, and provided other helpful guidance and counsel. We greatly appreciate the partnership and warm rapport we have with faculty!


If you have interest in partnering with us in any way please reach out to Mark Macdonald. Aloha.