Career Fair

Career Fairs

These aren't just for fun and games. While smiling recruiters may be handing out the freebies, they are still there on serious business .... trying to identify potential candidates from the throngs that pass by their booths. Give a good impression so they will remember you and pull your resume out of the big stack.

How To Have A Successful Experience

  1. Target three organizations. Go over the list of attendees and select three organizations to research and learn about in advance. Identify three questions to ask recruiters from each of those organizations.
  2. Bring four versions of your resume. Bring one general, all-purpose resume as well as targeted, tailored resumes for the three organizations you selected to research.
  3. Map out an action plan. Locate the booths of the organizations you targeted. Warm up by visiting at several other booths first.
  4. Browse through the handout materials. If the recruiters are busy with other attendees, be patient. Browse through the handouts or review the display materials. You may identify some additional questions to ask.
  5. Have a meaningful conversation with the recruiter. Greet with a handshake, a smile and steady eye contact. Don't fumble for your notes. Review them before approaching the booth.
  6. Prepare an "elevator speech". Have a short 30-60 second presentation to introduce yourself, your interests, strengths and abilities and particularly your interest in that organization.
  7. Use the time wisely. Don't waste or take up too much of the interviewer's time. Have a graceful exit line. (Example: I see there are others waiting to speak with you. Perhaps I could stop by later and visit with you further when things are less hectic?) 8. Get a business card so you can follow up with the recruiter later.

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